"Red" stargate

Stargate symbols have corresponding verbal pronunciations.
Position Glyph Pronunciation Position Glyph Pronunciation Position Glyph Pronunciation
0 MilkyWayGlyph01

"AT" †Edit

13 MilkyWayGlyph14 "Cor" 26 MilkyWayGlyph27 "Ste"
1 MilkyWayGlyph02 "Es" 14 MilkyWayGlyph15 "Jyn" 27 MilkyWayGlyph28 "Va"
2 MilkyWayGlyph03 "Cla" 15 MilkyWayGlyph16 "Ra" 28 MilkyWayGlyph29 "Ta"
3 MilkyWayGlyph04 "Shi" 16 MilkyWayGlyph17 "Nas" 29 MilkyWayGlyph30 "Bre"
4 MilkyWayGlyph05 "O" 17 MilkyWayGlyph18 "Fes" 30 MilkyWayGlyph31 "Rush"
5 MilkyWayGlyph06 "UL" 18 MilkyWayGlyph19 "Han" 31 MilkyWayGlyph32 "Yar"
6 MilkyWayGlyph07 "Wex" 19 MilkyWayGlyph20 "Rey" 32 MilkyWayGlyph33 "De"
7 MilkyWayGlyph08 "Fin" 20 MilkyWayGlyph21 "Jo" 33 MilkyWayGlyph34 "Ka"
8 MilkyWayGlyph09 "Pi" 21 MilkyWayGlyph22 "Jav" 34 MilkyWayGlyph35 "Pro"
9 MilkyWayGlyph10 "Sa" 22 MilkyWayGlyph23 "Vel" 35 MilkyWayGlyph36 "The"
10 MilkyWayGlyph11 "Zi" 23 MilkyWayGlyph24 "En" 36 MilkyWayGlyph37 "Gil"
11 MilkyWayGlyph12 "Tar" 24 MilkyWayGlyph25 "Kech" 37 MilkyWayGlyph38 "Les"
12 MilkyWayGlyph13 "Desh" 25 MilkyWayGlyph26 "Bo" 38 MilkyWayGlyph39 "Mu"

This symbol is unique to the planet Earth. Other planets have their own unique locator symbols.

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