• Orthrus
  • Ida
  • Kestardra
  • Nextor
  • Orona
  • Pegasus
  • Ryss
  • Syrex
  • Vela
  • Eridanus
  • Dracona
  • Avalona
Ancient Timeline

  • 45,284,398 BC- Alterran Colony Ship leaves Destra
  • 45,282,833 BC- Galaxy Survey Complete, Colonization of Dakara Begins
  • 4,109,375 BC- 'Ayiana' frozen in avalanche on Avalon
  • 4,109,373 BC- Legacy Project Build Phase Completed
  • 4,109,373 BC- Aeria goes into statis on Leth
  • 4,109,368 BC- Last Alterran in Atlantis dies/Ascends
  • 4,109,342 BC- Last waking Alterran dies from plague
  • 2,002 AD- 'Ayiana' unfrozen and succumbs to plague

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