One of the original Lanteans, Romulus was part of a group of exiles that took up residence in the city of Alba Longa. Along with Remus, a friend and colleage, they kept the Lantean Council at bay and maintained their independence up until the Wraith war began. Alba Longa eventually fell in battle and Romulus, along with a number of other survivors, rejoined their fellow Lanteans in the final years of the hopeless war

Romulus evacuated Atlantis with the others, and took up residence on Earth. There he eventually established the beginnings of the Roman Empire, before eventually attaining the ability to Ascend.

Romulus remained in the ranks of the ascended for a very short time, during which he discovered that Remus and a few other surviving Alba Longans were still alive in Pegasus, hiding from the Wraith. Romulus chose to retake physical form and join a 10,000 year long quest to build a secret civilization bent on one goal and one goal alone.

The eradication of the Wraith and the reclamation of their galaxy.


After the Alterra emerged in Pegasus, Remus chose to utilaterally ally their civilization with the Wraith. When Romulus refused to cooperate, Remus decided to eliminate the obstacle and attempted to kill him, along with everyone else within the rebuilt city of Alba Longa, Romulus's base of operations.

Fortunately Romulus escaped, but the denizens of Alba Longa did not. They were slaughtered while Romulus and one of his subordinates, Jina, escaped the city in a pair of hyperdrive-less navicula porta on a planet with no stargate. Their current status is unknown.