Mentis transitia2
A long range communication device inspired by the Alterra's Telepathic Avatar ability, the Mentis Transitia suppresses a 'host's' mind and allows a distant 'user' to take control of the host's body, thus communicating directly rather than through text, visuals, or even hologram


Primary 'communication' useage of the device occured when the technical knowledge of a distant person was required, thus allowing an engineer or medic to assess and attend a delicate situation rather than having to try and 'talk' someone else through
Mentis transitia3

2 stones being inserted into their slots.



The primary device is a central console with several notches around the perimeter. These notches fit specialized devices that resemble black stones. These 'stones' hold the primary telepathic interface link as well as user imprint technology. Only those voluntary users can be connected with...and only after physically touching one of the stones.

Connection to the stones does not require physical contact, only physical activation, with the telepathic link stretching great distances, allowing a host body to travel about without needing to carry the stone on the person in order for the interlink to function.

A Mentis Transitia 'stone.'