The first large scale military engagement seen by the Alterrans after fleeing the Ori and leaving behind their original home galaxy of Destra. Approximately 3,000 years after gaining a foothold in their new home galaxy, named Avalona after a mythological princess who fled her kingdom under threat of execution, the Alterra came into conflict with one of the galaxy's indigenous species...the Lovakora.

Prompted to aid in the defense of some of their newfound neighbors and allies, the militaristically inexperienced Alterra used their technological edge to successfully halt the Lovakora attacks...which subsequently drew the ire of the Lovakora that started an all out, galaxy-wide war between the two superpowers that would last a thousand years.

To the Victor go the SpoilsEdit

During the war, Lovakora planets were captured by the Alterra and if they had indigenous populations, those populations were then freed, with aid given to them for a short period of time in order to stabilize the planet in question long enough for it to attain self-sufficiency in the Lovakora's absense. However, some uninhabited, captured planets were retained by the Alterra for their own uses. One in particular caught their favor, so much so that they relocated their civilization center from Dakara to the newly named Avalon, for it was to become the center of the Alterran civilization within the galaxy of Avalona...the crowning jewel of their rapidly growing territory.

Final SolutionEdit

In the end, the Lovakora were all but annihilated, but took a final option given to them by the Alterra...imprisonment within a single star system, never again to leave it's boundaries or face the extinction of their species. The star system in question was given a single blue stargate, located in an orbiting observation station located inside a sensor jamming field that surrounded the entire system. The Lovakora couldn't see out, and no one else could see in. Not even the light of the system's 3 stars could escape. The prison system literally vanished from the galaxy, out of sight, out of mind, and left the Lovakora to their isolation.

The story of the conflict between the Alterra and the Lovakora would be passed on through the eons, from the Alterra to the Lanteans, and then from the Lantean survivors to the people of Earth. The name of the prison system survived, mostly intact, throughout history to present day.



Having been forced to remove the Lovakora from across the galaxy, the Alterra defaultly became the dominate power and found themselves in a position of galactic stewardship that would continue from there on and become a part of the Alterran psyche. The fleeing, persecuted "scientists" had become the guardians, and learned how to fight a true war in the process.

The conflict with the Lovakora taught the Alterra many things, irrevocably altering their society...for the better.