Elizabeth Weir, leader of the Lanteans.

The 2nd generation Lanteans were created by Ryan Stevenson as a way to assimilate lingering Earth personnel and loyal Pegasus natives into a new, cohesive race that would service the Alterra in the Pegasus galaxy, based out of the city of Atlantis.

First LanteansEdit

The first two Human>Lantean transfers were Daniel Jackson and Elizabeth Weir. Both play a prominent roll within the Lantean leadership, with Weir acting as defacto leader in her position as administrator of Atlantis...though it should be noted that as a servant race, the Lanteans still take orders from the Alterra.

List of Noteable ConversionsEdit

  • Carson Beckett
  • William Brand
  • Laura Cadman
  • Emily Devonshire
  • Daniel Jackson
  • Jennifer Keller
  • Enna Larrin
  • Evan Lorne
  • Rodney McKay
  • Lindsay Novak
  • Renee Simpson
  • Elizabeth Weir
  • Radek Zelenka


At the time of the Battle of the Second Siege, there were approximately 200 Lanteans. After the battle the number of Lanteans began to rise sharply.

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