One of the closest guarded secrets of the Alterrans, it is a camoflauged station hidden in deep space and the central controlling nexus for the stargate networks throughout Alterran territory. There is one of every color gate within or near the station. From this location, all the stargates within the Alterran galaxies can be monitored, controlled, activated, and deactivated by remote. Locations could be isolated, wormholes rerouted, and entire sections of the galaxy or galaxies quarantined if need be. As the hub for all six networks, it is arguably the most important Alterran installation ever built. It can only be accessed through its yellow gate, but can dial out through any of the gates. Knowledge of the location somehow escaped to the galaxy as a rumor of infinite treasure, mispronounced as Clava Thessara Infinitas. Though the true purpose was never known, nor the location ever discovered, the fact that there was some breach of security at some point is still a mystery the reborn Alterra have yet to solve.

Address: Cla-Va-The-Sa-Ra-En-Fin-At-Es Avalona