Adria cradles and readies a bio-plasma attack.

One type of biological energy produced by the Alterran secata organ, the bio-plasma is technically highly energized and ionized matter(plasma) awash in a unique type of energy. The matter is inserted into the flow by the secata organ and acts as a stabilizing matrix for the energy.

Destructive PowerEdit

The bio-plasma definitely lives up to its name. It is very hot and reactive with matter, melting or exploding the target on touch. It is also very effective against draining or occasionally penetrating energy shields.


The energy is relatively uncontrolled and fired point to point, but bioelectrical fields also produced by the secata restrict and direct the flow of the bioplasma in order to guide the energy through the body, usually exiting through the palm of the hand, and directing it to target thereafter.


The same electromagnetic fields produced by the body to guide the flow and release of the bio-plasma can also block, shield, or catch it in defensive combat moves.

Daniel Jackson successfully blocks Adria's bio-plasma attack.