Alba Longa

Original Alba Longa

Alba Longa was one of many copies of Atlantis created by the Lanteans in the Pegasus galaxy. Due to their pacifistic bent, the Lanteans did not exactly copy the original blueprints...namely, they did not heavily arm their cities, relying instead on the seemingly unstoppable pesqua as the primary means of defense.

Coupled with the city's shield, Alba Longa was extremely well protected...up until the Wraith war began. When the pesqua ran out and more enemy ships came, they eventually depleted the city's shields of energy, draining the potentia powering them, then destroyed the city through orbital bombardment.

City of the ExilesEdit

Alba Longa was home to a scientist by the name of Remus, who staged a peaceful revolt and took control of the city for himself and his followers. The response of the pacifistic Lantean Council was to allow them to retain possession of the city, but to exile them from Lantean society instead of waging a military campaign to repossess it.

Afterwards, an emigration/immigration occured. Those not loyal to Remus left the city, while others of similar mindsets from across Pegasus chose to relocate to Alba longa and join the exiles, including a man named Romulus. The population of the city swelled, and the splinter faction remained in peaceful, yet separate coexistence with the rest of Lantean society.

Many of the exiles rejoined with the Lanteans at the end of the Wraith war, after Alba Longa had been destroyed. At that point, with their civilization in shatters, the was no lingering animoscity. Most Lanteans were dead at the hands of the Wraith, and the exiles were welcomed back as brothers, with those that survived to the war's end evacuating the Pegasus galaxy and back to Earth with the remains of Lantean society.


A second Alba Longa was built after the end of the first war against the Wraith in secret by Romulus, Remus and a handful of other survivors. see Alba Longa2